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Special One-Day Grand Master One-Day Class set for March 2003

Ohio Masons have enthusiastically called for an encore and the new Grand Master has agreed.

A one-day class will be held in each of Ohio’s 25 Masonic Districts on a Saturday in March, 2003 with a hope of rekindling the spirit that led to a hugely successful event last April.

Each District, under the leadership of its District Advisor and District Deputy Grand Masters will plan to meet local needs, under guidelines provided by the Grand Master’s One-Day Class Committee.

Most provisions will be the same as last year:
• All three Symbolic Lodge Degrees will be conferred on one day in one location, utilizing the best ritualistic work available.
• No examination or memorization requirement will be enforced.
• Lodges may take action on petitions at special meetings.
• All candidates must petition a regular lodge, pay that lodge’s normal initiation fee, be investigated and approved by ballot in the usual manner.
• Each candidate will be assigned a “mentor,” to be with him and assist throughout the degrees.

A goal of 5,000 new Master Masons has been set by Grand Master William P. Mayberry, Sr. for the one-day classes in March, 2003.

A similar goal was established last year and was substantially exceeded as approximately 7,750 new Master Masons were welcomed into membership that day.

Last year’s fantastic success has rejuvenated many Ohio Lodges, created unprecedented enthusiasm in the Fraternity around the state, and focused the attention of Masons all over the world on Ohio’s accomplishments.

This year, each Lodge will provide the Bible and Apron for each candidate, as is traditionally the practice. A summary of the guidelines and procedure is published above. 

Grand Master Mayberry said, “By having a one-day class in each district, I think we are in a better position to serve our candidates. I ask for the support of each Ohio Mason, to sponsor a good man into our fraternity by signing his petition to become a Freemason.”

Click here for the petition

Petitioning Instructions For Grand Master’s One-Day Classes--2003

1. Candidate should fill out petition as completely as possible.
2. Insert the name and number of the Lodge the candidate is seeking to join.
3. Each Lodge has its own fee structure. If you do not know the amount of fees for the Lodge for this petition, contact the Lodge Secretary, or the Grand Secretary’s office. (Telephone 1-800-292-6092). A check for the amount of the fees should accompany the petition.
4. The petition should be signed by two members of the Lodge. If two such signatures are not immediately available, submit the petition anyway and the Lodge will attempt to secure those signatures for you.
5. Every candidate must be accompanied by a “mentor,” who will be with him and assist him during the degrees. Please indicate your choice for a mentor, or whether you would prefer the Lodge select one for you.
6. Send the petition to the Lodge Secretary, or, if you do not know his address, send it to the Grand Secretary, who will forward it to the lodge. (The Grand Secretary’s address is P. O. Box 629, Worthington, Ohio 43085-0629.)
7. After receiving the petition, the Lodge will perform its normal investigation of the candidate, and then ballot on the candidate.
8. The candidate will be notified by the Lodge that a “clear” ballot was achieved, and will provide information on the selection of a “mentor” and the time, place and other details about the one-day class.
9. Coat and tie will be appropriate for all in attendance.



March 15, 2003
Cleveland Masonic Center 3615 Euclid Avenue Cleveland
Petition Deadline
February 1, 2003
March 22, 2003
Ashtabula Masonic Temple Ashtabula, Ohio
Petition Deadline
February 15, 2003
March 29, 2003
Mansfield Masonic Temple Mansfield, Ohio

Petition Deadline
March 1, 2003