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 Supreme Council meets in Boston

LEXINGTON, MA. A group of more than 1,700 33rd degree Masons and their wives heard an update on Masonic charitable endeavors during the recent meeting of the Supreme Council for the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction.

The charities are supported by voluntary contributions from the 300,000 32nd degree Masons throughout the jurisdiction. The National Heritage Museum in Lexington, Mass., was built in 1975 through their efforts to provide changing exhibits on American history.

Learning Centers for dyslexic students have been providing free one-on-one tutoring at 40 locations. Within the next few years, the number of centers will increase to 59. Other charities include scholarships for college students and fellowships for schizophrenia research.

During the course of the meeting, which was held this year in Boston, eight new members were elected to the governing board of the Supreme Council. They are Retired IBM Manager Frederick E. Jackson, 68, of Burlington, Vermont; Funeral Director Stephen E. Carpenter, 53, of North Providence, Rhode Island; Retired Executive James R. Spencer Jr., 66, of Meriden, Connecticut; Software Engineer David P. Spencer, 56, of Endwell, New York; Sales Manager David A. Glattly, 49, of Haledon, New Jersey; Retired Executive Albert R. Marshall, 67, of Hockessin, Delaware; Purchasing Manager Russell W. Baker, 53, of Blue Ball, Pennsylvania; and Retired Manufacturing Company Executive Garry D. Hageness, 53, of Strum, Wisconsin.

Retiring as Active Members are Bill C. Anthis of Patoka, Indiana; Elmer H. Palmer of North Kingstown, Rhode Island; Dale O. Babbitt of Eau Claire, Wisconsin; Drew W. Washabau of Greensburg, Pennsylvania; Peter G. Huntsman of Montpelier, Vermont, Gail N. Smith of Windham, Connecticut, and Winthrop L. Hall of Acton, Massachusetts. 

Attorney Walter E. Webber of Maine was elected as Grand Lieutenant Commander to succeed Lawrence W. Inglis of Illinois. Erwin W. O’Dell succeeds Robert N. Osborne as Deputy for Michigan, Norman L. Christensen succeeds Donald J. Soberg as Deputy for Wisconsin, and Richard E. Hildebrand succeeds Peter G. Huntsman as Deputy for Vermont. Osborne and Soberg will retain a position on the board. Donald D. Thomas was elected to fill the vacancy of the late Robert V. McDowell III as Deputy for Delaware. C. William Lakso of Lunenburg, Massachusetts, replaces Huntsman as Grand Keeper of the Archives.

In attendance at the meeting were the 15 Grand Masters of each state within the Northern Jurisdiction. Also attending were officers from allied Masonic organizations across the country as well as representatives from 19 Scottish Rite Supreme Councils around the world. 

The week-long meeting concluded with the conferral of the 33rd degree upon 132 members who were selected for dedicated service to Scottish Rite Freemasonry or service reflecting credit upon the fraternity.

The names of 140 nominees were announced to receive the 33rd degree at next year’s meeting in St. Louis on Sept. 23, 2003.

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32° Masonic Learning Center

By Ill... John W. Young, 33°

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Let me encourage you to carry the only card that supports Scottish Rite Charitable Programs.

Ask for an application from our Valley Secretary today by phoning (216) 432-2370. 

Valley of Cleveland 2003-2004 scholarship
application deadline is April 1, 2003

Assistance is available to members of Masonic families who are seeking grants in aid for the education of their children or grandchildren. Applications for the Abbott Scholarships, Ross R. Black Scholarships, and Donald R. James Scholarship fund are now available from the Valley Secretary at the Valley of Cleveland office.

To qualify, an applicant must be a family member of a Valley of Cleveland Scottish Rite Mason. An applicant may also be a member of one of the Masonic sponsored youth organizations. They must also be a graduate of a public or private secondary/preparatory school. An applicant must provide a copy of a grade transcript and either ACT or SAT scores and report sources of family income as reported to the IRS. All applications must be for full-time students.

Applications may be obtained by calling John H. Youngblood, Secretary of the Valley at (216) 432-2370, or writing him at 3615 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44115. Grants in Aid are for the 2003-2004 school term.

Applications must be submitted in duplicate and in the hands of the scholarship committee before April 1, 2003. The amount of the scholarships is dependent upon funds available. However it is expected that individual grants will range from $500 to $1000 per scholarship. Grants will be paid directly to the educational institution at which the recipient has been accepted.